Project management

November 8, 2006

On the WordPress homepage I clicked on a hot post todqy-post ‘The Myth of Project Management‘. I’m not a project manager, but a good friend of mine is. And I though it could be an interesting writing about his job. To my surprise and from my point of view it is. I forwarded the hyperlink to his emailaddress.

The post is written on the weblog ‘Angry 365 Days a Year‘, a weblog of an Australian living in Melbourne. I bookmarked it.


Daniel Bowen

August 27, 2006

The weblog ‘Diary of an average Australian‘ is the first Aussie blog I started reading a couple of months (a year?) ago. Daniel Bowen lives in Melbourne and tells about his daily life in the magnificent city of Melbourne. You can read about the adventures he has with his children, what he has been doing the past weekend and the big step he took by taking a mortgage. He is an expert on public transport as well.

His posts about public transport are a must read if you lives in Melbourne or if you have a weak spot for everything that has to do with busses, trams, trains, etcetera. He brings on decent information and uses a lot of statistics. His aim is to make public transport in Melbourne run better, be more frequent and more usefull.

Other weblogs he writes: ‘Geek Rant‘, ‘The News You Had to Have‘ and ‘Toxic Custard Guide to Australia‘. He updates them frequently.

Oizo in Oz

August 22, 2006

The first weblog I will discuss on this website is in French: Oizo in Oz. Ludo is studying at the Ecole de Management in Strasbourg, a city on the Rhine in France. For his exchange year, he has chosen to go Down Under. He will be studying at the University of Technology in Sydney. You can keep track of his doings on his weblog. He has an amazing photoalbum as well.

“Certains se demanderont sûrement ‘Pourquoi l’Australie?’, question à laquelle je répondrai simplement ‘Pourquoi pas?’.

Ludo didn’t made a bad choice. He will remeber his stay in Australia, I’m sure about that.