The Courrier Mail Calendar

December 29, 2006

The Courrier Mail Calendar

The Courrier Mail sells a calendar with marvelous pictures from Queensland. This picture is my personal favorite. It’s an image taken by Peter Wallis and shows trawler skipper Lex Mackay “at work in his office”, the Bindi, on Moreton Bay.

You can order the calendar through a PDF-order form.


Paris Hilton

December 27, 2006

This post will spur extra clicks… Paris Hilton, the famous party girl, will celebrate New Years Eve in Sydney. Next day, on New Years Day, she’ll be working, as she has to choose the next bikini babe that will be the face of a beer. “Mr Singleton secured her services for an undisclosed fee”.

Bikini booze offer

December 21, 2006

Interesting offer, but I think the unlimited booze was a bit over the top. The homepage of Amber Lounge is blocked by my Firewall as ‘Adult content’.

Robbie Williams

December 18, 2006

Robbie Williams in Brisbane
Picture taken in Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane, by Larinalou

Robbie Williams has to pay a fine of 90 euro, because he lit up a cigarette on stage. After the first concert Robbie was reminded that smoking was prohibited, but the day after he smoked again a cigarette. The smoking is part of the act, is his explanation. Moreover, smoking is his last addiction. He quitted drugs and alcohol, but is still smoking.

The British superstar doesn’t have to pay his fine himself. Peter Beattie, the premier of the Queensland state, offered him to pay his fine. Explanation: “The entertainer is guest of the state”.

Subdivision of Australia

November 28, 2006

Strange Maps is one of the top blogs on WordPress today. On the front page, it has maps of Australia from 1787 ’till 1863. It shows the subdivision of Australia. You’ll notice that New South Wales covered a big part of Australia in the 18th century. Today, NSW is a rather small state.

Subdivision of Australia

Copy pasted from Strange Maps:
1787-1825: NSW covers roughly half of the island, including present-day Tasmania.
1825-1831: the island of Van Diemen’s Land is separated from NSW.
1831-1836: the territory of Western Australia is formed.
1836-1851: South Australia is formed out of part of NSW and part of the unorganised strip between NSW and Western Australia.
1851-1855: Victoria is separated from NSW.
1855-1859: NSW was extended to ‘fill the void’, so to speak.
1859-1861: the northeastern part of NSW is separated to form Queensland, chopping the remainder of NSW in two: the large stretch in the middle of the country, from north to south shore, is now separated from the rest of NSW by South Australia and Queensland.
1861-1862: South Australia expands westward to the detriment of ‘central’ NSW.
1862-1863: Queensland expands westward at the expense of ‘central’ NSW.
1863-1908: ‘Central’ NSW is placed under the jurisdiction of South Australia as the Northern Territory. According to Wikipedia, this state of affairs lasted until 1911, not 1908.


November 24, 2006

Albert Lane Lake

Melbourne across Albert Park Lane. Zoom in to see the details. Picture taken by Aumbody Images.

Midnight Juggernauts

November 21, 2006

The Midnight Juggernauts are an electroband from Melbourne, Australia. They made a remake of the seventieshit ‘Ca plane pour moi’ performed by Plastic Bertrand. If you visit their site, you would think they are a bit sick, but I like the music… so it can’t be that bad. Or am I sick too?

She’s back!

November 14, 2006

Kylie Minogue

Picture: BBC Radio 1

Red Bull Music Academy

November 10, 2006

Red Bull organized its Music Academy in Melbourne. The lectures are over yet, but on the Music Academy-site you can find some interesting stuff. There are a few podcasts with recorded sound of the lectures, the studio work and the dj sets.

There’s also a chapter called ‘Melbourne Maestros‘. These persons are all very creative: they make photographs, produce music, write or are graphic designers. A list worth browsing through.

Patrick White

November 5, 2006

Nobel Prize of Literature winner Patrick White demanded that his private papers would be destroyed. But his agent eventually sold them to the National Library of Australia. The papers are said to be of an immeasurable importance.

The author of Tree of Man, Voss and Riders in the Chariot passed away in 1990. He was born in London (1912) but as a child moved to Sydney.