Subdivision of Australia

November 28, 2006

Strange Maps is one of the top blogs on WordPress today. On the front page, it has maps of Australia from 1787 ’till 1863. It shows the subdivision of Australia. You’ll notice that New South Wales covered a big part of Australia in the 18th century. Today, NSW is a rather small state.

Subdivision of Australia

Copy pasted from Strange Maps:
1787-1825: NSW covers roughly half of the island, including present-day Tasmania.
1825-1831: the island of Van Diemen’s Land is separated from NSW.
1831-1836: the territory of Western Australia is formed.
1836-1851: South Australia is formed out of part of NSW and part of the unorganised strip between NSW and Western Australia.
1851-1855: Victoria is separated from NSW.
1855-1859: NSW was extended to ‘fill the void’, so to speak.
1859-1861: the northeastern part of NSW is separated to form Queensland, chopping the remainder of NSW in two: the large stretch in the middle of the country, from north to south shore, is now separated from the rest of NSW by South Australia and Queensland.
1861-1862: South Australia expands westward to the detriment of ‘central’ NSW.
1862-1863: Queensland expands westward at the expense of ‘central’ NSW.
1863-1908: ‘Central’ NSW is placed under the jurisdiction of South Australia as the Northern Territory. According to Wikipedia, this state of affairs lasted until 1911, not 1908.



November 24, 2006

Albert Lane Lake

Melbourne across Albert Park Lane. Zoom in to see the details. Picture taken by Aumbody Images.


November 24, 2006

Drive on the M5 motorway, half-owned by Macquarie-advised Sydney Roads Group, to Sydney Airport, whose biggest investor is Macquarie Airports, then pile their baggage on to Macquarie’s trolleys and fly on planes (Qantas) owned by the investment bank. This scenario is a possibility if Macquarie can obtain the Australian airline company Qantas.

The Australian bank offers, together with the American investors Texas Pacific Group, ten billion Australian dollar for Qantas. The news sparkled some political reactions. The majority of the shares of Qantas have to be in Australian hands. Foreign ownership is not a possibility.

Moreover, some politicians aren’t happy with the idea that Macquarie and Texas Pacific is said to split the thing up. Some Qantas-divisions would be incorporated in the different companies of Macquarie.

Qantas is a national symbol for Australia and a very important carrier Down Under.

In other financial news: there is speculation that the Belgian brewer InBev is preparing a bid on Fosters.

Copyright bill

November 22, 2006

Will YouTube and the iPod be illegal in Australia? If you believe the critics of a new copyright bill, that nightmare can be true in some time. The proposal would extend the scope of a regular copyritght bill anywhere in the world. It’s not limited to commercial machines and it will make the electronic distribution of material difficult.

Attorney-General Philip Ruddock has not responded directly to the claims, but has said the provisions are intended to catch and punish major music and movie pirates, not personal users, writes MS NBC.

We’ll catch on this issue later for sure.

Ian Thorpe

November 22, 2006

Five-time Olympic gold medaillist Ian Thorpe retires. At the age of 24! Thorpe was a great swimmer, but he wasn’t motivated anymore. He wants to start a new chapter.

“It’s like swimming lap after lap staring at a black line – then all of a sudden you look up” at the world around you, he has said, writes News.

The carreer of Thorpe is impressing: five Olympic gold medals, eleven world titels and thirteen world records. He was/is a superstar and was succesful in attracting sponsors. He said he doesn’t know yet what he will do, but he whatever it is, it will be good.

The specialities of Thorpe were the 200 meter and 400 meter freestyle.

Midnight Juggernauts

November 21, 2006

The Midnight Juggernauts are an electroband from Melbourne, Australia. They made a remake of the seventieshit ‘Ca plane pour moi’ performed by Plastic Bertrand. If you visit their site, you would think they are a bit sick, but I like the music… so it can’t be that bad. Or am I sick too?


November 16, 2006

Snow hasn’t fallen yet where I live (far away from Australia), but the cold weather surprised Victoria. Arround Melbourne, snow fell. For instance, in Ballarat, where this picture was taken.

Snow in Ballarat

In two weeks times, it will be summer in Australia. But the snowstorms and the rain are welcome, writes the Herald Sun. Every two or three novembers, Victoria gets so bad weather. “The current rainfall is certainly very welcome in helping to reduce consumption and providing a good soaking for parks and gardens,” Melbourne Water spokesman Ben Pratt said. “However, spring rainfall totals to date are only about half of the 30-year average expected in the catchments.”

She’s back!

November 14, 2006

Kylie Minogue

Picture: BBC Radio 1

Fast train

November 13, 2006

Will the Victorian government place speed cameras along the rail network? The Age found out that the trains on the high speed line can drive faster than allowed. The V/Locity railcars were specifically tested at speeds of up to 176 km/h, while the railway network was certified for a maximum speed of 160 km/h. The tolerance of 10% is said to be normal, but the government and V/Line could face legal action if an accident happen.

“Transport Minister Peter Batchelor and V/Line both deny the V/Locity railcars ever exceed 160 km/h”, writes The Age. And V/Line adds: “The fast rail timetable was designed on 160 km/h running and if trains were travelling over that speed they would be operating ahead of schedule”.

Red Bull Music Academy

November 10, 2006

Red Bull organized its Music Academy in Melbourne. The lectures are over yet, but on the Music Academy-site you can find some interesting stuff. There are a few podcasts with recorded sound of the lectures, the studio work and the dj sets.

There’s also a chapter called ‘Melbourne Maestros‘. These persons are all very creative: they make photographs, produce music, write or are graphic designers. A list worth browsing through.