Willem Zonggonau

October 4, 2006

Willem ‘Wim’ Zonggonau died in a Sydney hospital. The man is an important independence activist from the Indonesian Papua province (West Papua). He had a strong heart stroke and didn’t survived it. Zonggonau gave readings in Australia and has spent the last 37 years protesting against Indonesia.

West Papua is in the north of Australia. A couple of years ago, Australia received boatloads of refugees from the Indonesian province. Australia accepted earlier this year 42 refugees and sent one back. Indonesia wasn’t pleased with this decision.

A while ago a dissident predicted an exodus of Papuan people that would flee to Australia.



October 4, 2006

Sorry that I can’t update this website more often. I would like to post a new text every day, but it’s not possible. But I’ll do my best to make more regular posts about Australia, the country I love.