Samantha Harris

September 9, 2006

This weblog is not only about aborigines. But I have to show this picture of an aboriginal model: Samantha Harris.

The Bulletin: ‘Dream time’


16 Responses to “Samantha Harris”

  1. Ray said

    Fantastic model ! Crossing fingers 4 her. And the whole nation of aborigins. Ray.

  2. isatms said

    She’s gorgeous. She has what it take to make it big internationally. She’s been in a shoot for the worlds most iconic beauties. She just got back from a shoot in Fiji for Cleo. She’s still in high school and it’s the only thing that’s stopping the New York agencies from flying her over there tomorrow. She’ll be big. She’s STUNNING!

  3. couettecouette said

    Je ne trouve pas que cette aborigène soit si magnifique, ses lèvres sont trop volumineuses. Le monde de la mode lui donne sa chance uniquement parce q’elle est aborigène et qu’il n’y a pas encore de top modèles aborigènes. De plus, elle me semble un peu jeune pour ce métier, dans sa tête, j’entend, ce n’est encore qu’une petite fille. Enfin, espérons qu’elle aura tout de même sa chance dans la mode et s’embellira au cours des années.

  4. spiderman said

    Moi je trouve que si, elle est déjà très belle.

  5. stupid said

    u stole my name you f***ing maniac

  6. Candice said

    Je trouve cela très bien moi que ses lèvres soient “trop volumineuses”! Ce sont les traits de ses origines. Cela serait vraiment lassant de ne voir que des mannequins qui se ressemblent! Je suis à fond pour une représentation multiculturelle/multi-ethnique.
    This girl is simply beautiful the way she is with her gorgeous lips.

  7. friend said

    Shes my frined i go to school with her and she is an absolute beautyin person as well as on camera. good luck sam.

  8. jh said

    shes vewy pwetty…..urprised to see that thde only australian modeks i c r ov british descent

  9. Demity Nicholls said

    I think its really great to see an aboriginal girl making an effort and getting out there and being a good role model, i am aborigonal and irish and doing year 11 at school and do singing and i won a scholarship at the start of the year and ahead of all my class, well done Samantha, good luck! you are my idol!

  10. GM said

    Clearly she is only half aborigine, or less….

  11. Anna said

    She’s lovely but why does she inject her top lip with fillers – it looks bloody awful! And unnatural.

  12. babiie t said

    damn she dnt look like an aborginy, she is really gorgeous. what contries r they mixed with?

  13. beefy said

    so babiie make it sound like she cant be aboriginal as she happens to be gorgeous…surely every race is full of gorgeous and mmm not so gorgeous people. also there are some races for whom their racial look can be ‘in’ at any given moment in time thus meaning more exposure and portrayal by western media which subliminally directs us to what we find beautiful.
    How often do we see black or asian models accepted as long as they arent ‘too black’ or ‘too asian’.

  14. ellen said

    she is an aussie aboriginal, yes, she is, and she is gorgeous. no, she does not have fillers on her lips, gosh you people! she’s all natural and i must say she should be representing australia in the world of fashion because she is damn gorgeous and natural, if i’m not mistaken i think this model is still doing her school. she is the most beautiful aboriginal i have ever seen. and she’s more beautiful in person too!

  15. emma said

    she’s sooo beautiful, i wish i could see her in real life

  16. complimenti sei bellisima

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