Aborinigal PR

September 8, 2006

The Australian newsletter Crikey has published some interesting articles about aborigines and its PR-strategy. Crikey asks some experts if the aboriginal people would be better off if they invested in better PR. Reconcilliation Australia or other aborigines-experts answer the ideas. It’s interesting stuff, but unfortunately I don’t have enough time to read them thouroughly. If you have time, read it!

I like the suggestion of Bronwyn Morgan: “Change Australian history curriculum throughout the education system to position white settlement in 1788 as one point in the 60,000 year history of people living in Australia, rather than the starting point of Australian history”. He’s so right about this.

Noel Turnbull says that a PR-campaign is too little, too late. To tackle the problem, Australia should go deeper than PR and change it way how it looks to aborigines culture and the Westernized country. Kirstie Parker, on the other hand, is not opposed to a better PR.

“It is not us that need a makeover but our image so, as long as we get to call the shots, there’s no real reason to be threatened by or frightened by the idea. I’d call it “bush cunning” to use all available resources”, she writes.

And then there is that New Zealand perspective on the topic. He says people have to live with each other. He met some Australians and chatted about aborigines, but none of them has met one.

The last hyperlink is a text written by Jackie Huggins (Reconciliation Australia) in The Australian.


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