Aborigines from South-East Australia

August 23, 2006

Paul Briggs writes in The Age an op-ed about the aborigines in South-East Australia. He says that these people are less accepted as aborigines than the ones in the north of the country.

“Much to our bitter sorrow and loss, south-eastern Australia’s Aborigines have no opportunity to take identity for granted, and no opportunity to celebrate their culture in the environment of diversity and multiculturalism that the nation purportedly values”, he writes.

But there are 200.000 aborigines living in South-East Australia. That’s approximately the same amount as in the rest of Australia.

“We are stigmatised as a ‘deficit’, having nothing to offer or share, and represent nothing to celebrate in mutual joy with the mainstream community.”

Briggs wants that the aboriginal culture is as important as any other culture in Australia.


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